The Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show will host various pinball tournament events during the course of the weekend, to ensure that regardless of your skill level, there's a tournament for you. Each tournament will be designed to enable fair competition among the players, while only consuming a portion of the player’s time, so they can have the opportunity to partake in all tourney and other activities at the show.

The following tournaments will be offered. Click on the tournament name for more details on each one, as well as a detailed schedule for that specific tournament.

Please note that tournaments are subject to change between now and the day of the event, as the format and schedule may need to be adjusted based on availability of machines, volunteers, or other parameters that can affect the event.

All-Match-Play Tournament

This is the main tournament of the event, offering full IFPA World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points.

This event is open to all. $20 entry, one retry allowed, qualifying at specific times on Friday and Saturday, playoffs on Sunday.

Classics PinGolf Tournament

This is a WPPR-ranked side-tournament to the main tournament, that will be run on Stern, Bally, and Williams early solid state pinball machines (1978-1985).

This event is open to all. $20 entry. Qualifying on Friday and Saturday, playoffs on Saturday evening.

Babes in Pinland Tournament

Babes in Pinland is a women-only monthly tournament normally held in the Seattle area. They are running this special edition tournament at the show to give more women the opportunity to compete.

This event is open to women of all ages. $10 entry. Saturday evening.

Rookie Knockout Tournament

Casual tournament on Friday evening for players who are relatively new to competitive pinball, and who want an introduction and preliminary experience.

This event is open to players who are either unranked, or have a ranking of 2000 or below in the IFPA World Pinball Player Ranking. $5 Entry, Friday evening.

Kid's Pennant Fever Tournament

A tournament for kids 12 and under, on the Slugfest baseball game in the Kid's Zone.

Free to participate. Saturday 2pm.

Kid's Shrek Pinball Tournament in Kid's Zone

SUNDAY ONLY from show opening until noon.

Free to enter, free tokens needed to play on Sunday.

Kids 12 and under, pick up free Shrek tournament tokens at admission’s desk or at prize desk in the show hall.

Pre-Show Tournament Series

Win free passes and free tournament entries at various local events leading up to the show.

Fundraiser Warm-up

On Friday, from 3pm to 6pm, the Main tournament bank of machines will be available for practice. $10 for 10 games, with all proceeds going to the non-profit Pacific Pinball Museum.

Additional Information

For regular updates and discussion on the tournament, please visit our public Facebook event page.

For questions and inquiries regarding tournaments at NWPAS, please contact wapinball@gmail.com.

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Pinball tournament trophy and plaque awards
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