The Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show is known for bringing in fantastic speakers and special guests from the arcade and pinball industry. 2016's speaker line-up will be no exception, check it out!


2:00-2:30pm Tech Seminar: Anatomy of a Video Game / Pinball Machine

2:30-3:00pm Tech Seminar: Schematics - How to read them!

3:30-4:00pm Tech Seminar: Atari Power Brick & A/RII Testing

4:00-4:30pm Tech Seminar: WPC CPU acid damage repair

5:00-6:00pm Pinball Development with FAST Pinball

8:00-8:30pm Tech Seminar: The Basics of CRT Monitors

8:30-9:00pm Tech Seminar: WG6100 Color Vector Monitors - Deflection Board Testing & Repair


12:30-1:30pm David Thiel - Pinball Sound Designer (Iron Man, Tron, Spider Man, X-Men, Family Guy, Pirates Of The Caribbean, The Hobbit )

2:00-3:00pm Dwight Sullivan - Pinball Software & Game Designer - "How To Design A Wizard Mode" (Dwight is currently a lead software engineer and senior game developer for Stern Pinball. He has worked to help design and develop pinball machines for over 20 years, starting in 1989 with Riverboat Gambler. He was part of the driving force behind many games, including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of Thrones, and Ghostbusters)

3:30-4:30pm Nolan Bushnell - Founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese's, don’t miss your rare chance to meet and hear this industry legend!

5:00-6:00pm Jersey Jack, Butch Peel & David Thiel from Jersey Jack Pinball - “Making Pinball Great Again"

8:00-9:30pm TBD


1:00-2:00pm Closing Ceremony with scholarship presentation, awards and recognition!